Leveraging Hospital Accreditation For Continuous Quality Improvement, co-sponsored by DNV GL - Healthcare

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Leveraging Hospital Accreditation For Continuous Quality Improvement, co-sponsored by DNV GL - Healthcare.  
Hospitals and healthcare systems are continuously impelled to improve quality of care while cutting costs – all the while keeping patients satisfied. A new pathway for achieving such goals has emerged: The hospital/healthcare system’s accrediting body.

DNV GL Healthcare, the fastest-growing and now second-largest accrediting body in the U.S., helps providers employ ISO 9001, a quality management system originally created in the manufacturing sector but adapted such that it is very befitting for the healthcare field. Its use by hospitals and healthcare systems is now one of the significant ways they can improve their operations and perform better in Balanced Scorecard metrics.

An academic investigation by researchers at Michigan State, James Madison and Miami Universities have also obtained a better understanding of how the accreditation process can improve the quality of care at hospitals and improve the morale of nursing and other professional staffs.

Please join us Thursday, March 1, at 2 p.m. Eastern as we discuss this data, and how hospitals can leverage the accreditation process to improve their operations and the care their patients are receiving in the HealthcareWebSummit event: Leveraging Hospital Accreditation For Continuous Quality Improvement, co-sponsored by DNV GL Healthcare with distinguished faculty: Dr. William (Bill) J. Ritchie, Ph.D, James Madison University; Roger McReynolds, Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare; Patrick Horine, CEO, DNV GL Healthcare; and Moderator Ron Shinkman, Healthcare Journalist.
Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Examine the ways hospitals can use the accreditation process to improve their operations.
  2. Learn how hospitals can improve their performance in Balanced Scorecard Measures.
  3. Learn how the ISO 9001 process works and is applied in healthcare delivery.
  4. Understand the benefits of annual certification surveys.
  5. Understand the benefits of having hospital staff better engaged with their accrediting body.
  6. Engage in interactive learning through online question submission, attendee feedback and opportunity for follow up questions.
Who Should Attend

Interested attendees would include:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Hospital Executives and Staff
  • Quality Executives and Staff
  • Nursing Executives and Staff
  • Provider Network Operations Executives and Staff
  • Analytics Executives and Staff
  • Finance Executives and Staff
  • Revenue Cycle Executives and Staff
  • Planning and Strategic Executives and Staff
  • Business Intelligence Staff
  • Regulatory and Compliance Executives
  • Other Interested Parties

Attendees would represent organizations including:

  • Hospital and Health Systems
  • Provider Networks
  • Medical Groups
  • Other Providers
  • Quality Organizations
  • Government
  • Solutions Providers
  • Associations, Institutes and Research Organizations
  • Media
  • Other Interested Organizations
  Registration is Complimentary for qualified applicants. Applications will be accepted by the Summit co-sponsor according to their criteria. Applicants approved for registration will be notified by Summit within several business day business days of application.
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Dr. William (Bill) Ritchie

Dr. William (Bill) Ritchie, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management
James Madison University


William (Bill) J. Ritchie, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Management (Ph.D. - Florida State University) at James Madison University where he teaches supply chain management and strategic management.

His research interests include quality standards and performance in supply chain management, geospatial (GIS) analytics, and nonprofit organization performance measurement. His consulting experience in measurement includes work with nonprofit organizations, manufacturing, healthcare, and state agencies.

He has published more than 40 manuscripts in scholarly journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Management International Review, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Transportation Research, Journal of Healthcare Management, and Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

Roger McReynolds

Roger McReynolds
Vice President, Performance Improvement, Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare


Roger McReynolds is the Vice President in charge of performance improvement for Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare in Utica, New York. He oversees all facets of quality improvement and accreditation, and has worked closely with DNV GL Healthcare regarding recent accreditation surveys.

Mr. McReynolds has more than 40 years of experience in quality assurance, both in operations and software. He earned a master's of business administration from Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York.

He is a member of the board of examiners for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award and is a certified instructor for the Institute of Quality Improvement.

Patrick Horine

Patrick Horine
Chief Executive Officer
DNV GL Healthcare


Patrick Horine serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DNV GL Healthcare, Inc. He is responsible for the North American healthcare business of DNV GL, which includes a growing portfolio of standards-driven accreditation and certification services.

Patrick was part of an entrepreneurial team that created and brought to market the first new hospital accreditation program in the United States since the 1960s when Medicare was started. This program, the DNV GL National Integrated Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO®), has attracted more than 400 hospitals, and is recognized for its unique design, which integrates Medicare compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Patrick has more than 25 years of healthcare management experience, and has held various leadership positions in hospitals including that of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President for Quality and Business Development. He has a master’s degree in Hospital and Health Administration from Xavier University.

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