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Succeeding as an ACO: Establishing a SNF Preferred Provider Network
Succeeding as an ACO: Establishing a SNF Preferred Provider Network
Accountable Care Organizations must address a spectrum of issues in order to succeed with their attributed patient populations. For Medicare ACOs, managing the delivery of post acute care is a crucial, and problematic process.

With respect to the magnitude and potential involved in managing post acute care, consider that this is where one out of every six Medicare fee for service dollars are spent. Moreover, there is significant variability - a two fold difference - in post acute spending when comparing the national 10th to 90th percentile; while there is only a 20% difference in ambulatory & inpatient spending.

Compounding this problem, is that while hospitals are incentivized to discharge patients quickly, no incentive exists to choose the most cost-effective setting. Furthermore, Skilled Nursing Facilities are motivated to hold onto patients, and there is no underlying incentive for hospital-SNF collaboration.

Development of an ACO Skilled Nursing Facility Preferred Provider Network provides a strategic response to this vexing post acute care dilemma. The UMass Memorial Health Care Post Acute Care Preferred Provider Network developed for the UMass Memorial ACO provides and instructive case study the other Accountable Care Organizations can consider as they address their specific post acute care issues and approach.

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