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Trends for Provider Sponsored Health Plans
Trends in Provider Sponsored Health Plans, co-sponsored by Health Plan Alliance
While many health plans sponsored by national organizations have recently undergone significant consolidation, restructuring and realignment, provider sponsored health plans have been been responsible for much of current health plan and health system growth, innovation and transformation. The question at this juncture is, how are provider sponsored health plans positioned for 2017 and beyond, and what significant trends, issues, opportunities and challenges are they experiencing that will  influence and impact healthcare stakeholders going forward?

The need for alignment between payers and providers and addressing the key intersection points where health systems and their provider-sponsored health plans need to work in tandem are crucial considerations in the success of provider sponsored plans. Integrated Delivery Systems often include several business models and that can result in different cultures.  Along the path towards integrating providers and payers, the value of a common culture is a very important element to success.

This session builds on the Health Plan Alliance's perspective of the shared experiences, opportunities and challenges faced today by provider sponsored health plans and their integrated delivery systems. Please join us Wednesday October 5th, 2016 at 2 PM Eastern in this Healthcare Web Summit event, co-sponsored by the Health Plan Alliance.  Click here for detailed information and to register or call 209.577.4888.
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