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The World of Health Plans– Managing Health Over Healthcare
The World of Health Plans – Managing Health Over Healthcare
The changing economics of healthcare is altering the traditional health plan business model. Provider consolidation, team-oriented and accountable care delivery, and emerging alternative payment models (APMs) are requiring plans to redefine and redesign. Using technology as a change agent, plans must now shift from long-established practices of managing healthcare – resource-focused – to managing health through member-focused and provider-aligned processes. This session will investigate payer shared and owned technologies and processes that align with industry mega-trends under consumer expectations of value-based care.

Governmental and commercial population-based payment is growing, linking financials to measurable value through the use of data. More and more payers and providers are using data to measure quality and efficiency in an effort to become purchasers of value over volume. This session explores payment transformation and the fundamentals of cultural, economic and technical changes associated with success under emerging risk-based arrangements. Join Adele Allison, a leading policy expert, to gain insight into growing trends, technical needs and administrative challenges to success under emerging economic models, which are transforming plan roles from simple cost containment to health-value management.

Please join DST's Adele Allison, on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 at 1PM Eastern for this complimentary, insightful webinar. Click here for detailed information and to register.
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