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Private Health Insurance Exchanges: Consumerization via Defined Contributions
Health insurance in the U.S. is at the cusp of a major transition from an employer-driven payor model to a model directly involving many more employees and consumers. Private health insurance exchanges with a defined contribution approach represent a significant step toward catalyzing this change.

While public health insurance exchanges can ultimately serve markets beyond individual and small group, proactive stakeholders involved in the midsized and large employer marketplace have emerged with demand for private health insurance exchange solutions on a defined contribution basis.

Private exchanges may not be a panacea for rocketing healthcare costs. But the healthcare landscape is changing, and employers will seek approaches such as private exchanges to transition health benefits from an employer driven
model to a more consumer driven one. Payors require a robust competitive response. If executed thoughtfully and deliberately, launching or joining a private exchange could be a critical strategy for payors to adapt and thrive.

Join Booz & Company's Ashish Kaura and Akshay Kapur as they provide marketplace intelligence, insights and perspectives based on a Booz research including a study of more than 500 employers and 300 consumers regarding interest in private exchanges. Booz & Company is a leading global management consulting firm, helping the world’s top businesses, governments, and organizations. with more than 3,300 people in 60 offices around the world. 
Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:
  1. Understand a conceptual overview of private exchanges
  2. Consider the emerging exchange types and emerging players
  3. Ascertain specific components of the employee value proposition for private exchanges involving group or individual Products; level of decision support and plan options available
  4. Determine the specific components of the employer value proposition of private exchanges including employer involvement; administrative burden; and the carrier relationship
  5. Assess the capabilities required for private exchanges, and prospects for differentiation
  6. Explore the marketplace dynamics impacting viability, including potential growth and uncertainty; employer and payor concerns; and prospects for employer demand
  7. Engage in interactive learning through online question submission, attendee feedback and opportunity for follow-up questions, and networking with attendees, faculty and other professionals through dedicated LinkedIn group
Who Should Attend

Interested attendees would include:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Planning, Strategy and Innovation Executives and Staff
  • Product Development Executives and Staff
  • Health Benefit Administrators
  • Human Resource Executives
  • Actuarial and Underwriting Executives
  • Sales and Marketing Executives and Staff
  • Marketing and Business Intelligence Staff
  • Health Plan Contracting Executives

Attendees would represent organizations including:

  • Health Plans
  • Provider Organizations
  • Employers
  • Brokers and Benefit Consultants
  • Solutions Providers
  • PBMs
  • Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Government Agencies
  • Media
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Associations
  • Other Interested Parties
Private Health Insurance Exchanges: Consumerization via Defined Contributions
  Individual Registration Fee: $195. Audio Conference CD-ROM: $40 for attendees; $285 for non-attendees after the event.  
Register Now Corporate Site licensing also available. Click here to register or call 209.577.4888 We look forward to your participation in this event!
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