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The future of Population Health and Clinical Integration: the role of new data sources and analytics
The Triple Aim of health reform — improving the patient experience and quality of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita health care costs — requires the ability to monitor and affect the care of patients and members, even at the point of care.

At the heart of population health management is the need and ability to understand and assess risk not only based on what you know, but also what you don’t know. As the industry tackles the use of “big data” the question must be asked, what data are we not currently using in the clinical improvement workflow that could significantly impact and improve the patient health results? And how can this data be incorporated into analytic platforms to provide insight that can drive preventative care as well as care at the beside?

Socio-economic data from public records sources has been leveraged by other industries for decades to make better business decisions. Today, health care must consider looking at this and other sources of information available on populations in a new light to achieve the optimal results across their population health programs. and socio-economic data to drive decisions.

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