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Provider data accuracy- Is there an app for that?
Provider data accuracy - Is there an app for that?
The provider data accuracy problem is not going away. In the haste to find a solution, health plans are wise to not lose sight of the big picture. Provider data accuracy is about more than just directories. Keeping provider network information current improves access to care, member satisfaction and outcomes, operational efficiency, and better networks.

What if there were an app to streamline and pre-populate practice data allowing physicians to verify or update their practice data on a regular basis just once for all participating health plans? While there might not be an app, there is a proven approach that creates a provider information exchange hub, replacing the current chaotic data collection system with an authoritative data source for the uniform collection and reporting of information. With this approach comes the ability to apply proactive monitoring and smart analytics that deliver updates and insights independent of any manual attestation, and minimizes challenges caused by non-responders and non-outreachables.
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