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What your data knows that you don’t – eliminating pop health blind spots with socioeconomic data
What your data knows that you don't – Eliminating population health blind spots with socioeconomic data
Patients are people first, making what happens outside of the care setting almost more important than what happens inside. Leveraging data that captures who people are, how they behave and the life events they are experiencing can transform population health management.

With new members enrolling - bringing with them little to no history - and clinical information on already enrolled members and patients in a state of disarray, population health analytics are vulnerable and at risk of delivering less than optimal results. This webinar will explore how to integrate socio-determinants of health into existing population health management efforts and explain why all socioeconomic data is not created equally and must be validated for maximum impact.

Please join LexisNexis' Kathy Mosbaugh, on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 2PM Eastern for this complimentary, insightful webinar.
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