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Beyond EMR: Technology and Medical Homes - Telehealth, Care Transitions and Closing the Technology Skill Gap
Ask what technology is needed to transform primary care practices, and often suggested is the Electronic Medical Record. However, technology skills and technological tools needed in the outpatient environment often exceed the EMR alone. Leveraging technology can improve care quality and facilitate delivery of proactive care. In order to deliver proactive care, skilled professionals need allocated time and they need data. Yet having access to data does not necessarily equate with using data in an informed manner. In some cases, additional technological solutions are needed. In other cases, the people working in a practice need training and coaching to close the technological skill gaps in their organization.

During this session, case examples will be provided detailing how technology has been employed at one health network to facilitate the development of patient-centered medical homes; addresses topics including a care transitions initiative, the use of community care teams and the technology associated with it, along with practice facilitators to build staff technical tools and skill sets.

The session will also address telehealth use cases in medical home settings, addressing different modes of telehealth transmission and platforms. During this age of innovation adoption, to stay relevant in health care, PCPs are challenged to change their present method of patient care delivery. The opportunity to incorporate telehealth services provides practices with a viable solution to meet the shifting demands of patient care. Selecting a robust telehealth platform with core features that support documentation, referrals, coding, billing, peripherals, cash payments, and co-pays enhances provider ease of use and adoption.

Please join us Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at 1:00 PM Eastern as Nyann Biery from the Lehigh Valley Health Network Department of Family Medicine; Denise Woodworth with Populytics and the Lehigh Valley Health Network; Kay Ellen Werhun with the Lehigh Valley Health Network; Charlene McFeeley with the The River Practice and ExamMed; and Barbara Pyle with The River Practice and Western Maryland Health System, provide a one hour discussion of Telehealth, Care Transitions and Closing the Technology Skill Gaps in the HealthcareWebSummit event: Beyond EMR: Technology and Medical Homes.  Click here for detailed information and to register or call 209.577.4888.
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