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Building Blocks for Population Health: The health system perspective
Building Blocks for Population Health: The health system perspective
The challenge is before us all: how to make healthcare better by delivering more valueóa better experience and higher quality at lower cost. What is not as clear is how quickly the industry will transform, and exactly what sequence of steps needs to be taken to manage the transition from fee for service to fee for value.

Mount Sinai Health System has two key goals: (1) to be the most effective population health manager in the New York market; and (2) to be the hospital system of choice for population health managers. Mount Sinaiís Health System has been transitioning from a primarily fee-for-service model of care to one that is also inclusive of value and risk-based population health. The Health System has undergone clinical and economic transformations in support of Mount Sinaiís vision to be the leading population health manager in the competitive New York market, as well as the best possible partner to the Health Systemís broad physician community.

Please join us Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at 1 PM Eastern as Mount Sinai Health Partners' Meena Bansal, MD and  Lindsay Jubelt, MD, MSc share their health system population health insights and experiences
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