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The Affordable Care Act Rollout in California: A Progress Report
Nearly six months into the rollout of the most important components of the Affordable Care Act, progress has been uneven. On the national level, the federal exchange barely functioned for weeks, while many states have still refused to expand their Medicaid programs. California appears ahead of the pack. Its health insurance exchange has beaten enrollment projections, and Medi-Cal expansion appears to be moving along unimpeded.

But is that the only story? Have health plans been able to properly manage their new enrollees and ensure they have access to provider networks? Are hospitals and medical groups absorbing the new patients? How is their health and their healthcare needs relative to the rest of the population? What will reform in California look like in the coming years?

These questions and others will be answered in this latest Payers & Providers webinar event on Friday, March 28th, 2014: “The Affordable Care Act Rollout in California: A Progress Report.” Click here for detailed information and to register or call 209.577.4888.
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