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The Changing Rx Payment Landscape: 5 Forces Creating an Outcomes-Based World
Brand-name drug makers are fighting for a shrinking share of premium real estate on prescription drug formularies as generic drug competition and medical costs continue to rise. A shift in consumer and prescriber drug preferences could hurt revenues for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the U.S. that don’t accelerate efforts to prove value and build trust with doctors, hospitals and health plans.

Physicians, health insurers and patients now want to know how well a drug will work and affect total medical costs. Yet, health plan leaders find the information currently provided by the biopharmaceutical industry no longer suffices. As the basis for payment shifts to improved patient outcomes, health organizations are looking for more robust evidence of clinical and economic comparative effectiveness. Drug makers that have faced challenges with formulary acceptance or reimbursement levels will need to speed their efforts to create and reliably demonstrate better outcomes for patients. Pharmaceutical companies that are first to meet healthcare’s new expectations of value could have an advantage in the competition for market share and brand differentiation.

In this session, the changing payment landscape for the US pharmaceutical industry is examined, with a look at how health insurers view evidence of drug effectiveness, contracting strategies and relationships with pharmaceutical companies. Five major forces dramatically altering pharmaceutical revenue models are examined, including: (1) pharma's big bet on biologics; (2) the movement toward outcomes-based payments; (3) the demand for more and better data; (4) patient compliance; and (5) technology and increased transparency.

Please join PwC's Christopher Khoury on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 as he presents PwC research findings and explores potential paths for drug manufacturers to unleash value, improve clinical and economic evidence of comparative effectiveness, and build trust with other health organizations.
Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:
  1. Understand the five forces dramatically altering pharmaceutical revenue models
  2. Consider health plan perspectives on evidence of drug effectiveness, contracting strategies and relationships with pharmaceutical companies
  3. Explore the implications for pharmaceutical companies, health plans, PBMs, and other applicable stakeholders regarding PwC research findings
  4. Examine how pharmaceutical organization and health plan relationships will evolve, and how stakeholders should position themselves for future success in this arena
  5. Engage in interactive learning through online question submission, attendee feedback and opportunity for follow up questions, and networking with attendees, faculty and other professionals through dedicated LinkedIn group
Who Should Attend

Interested attendees would include:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Prescription Benefit Executives and Staff
  • Pharmaceutical Managed Market Executives and Staff
  • Medical Directors
  • Pharmacy Directors
  • Comparative Effectiveness Executives and Staff
  • Contracting Executives and Staff
  • Strategy and Planning Executives and Staff
  • Business Intelligence Staff
  • Other Interested Parties

Attendees would represent organizations including:

  • Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Health Plans 
  • PBMs
  • Employers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Benefit Consulting Organizations
  • Provider Networks and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Solutions Providers 
  • Associations, Institutes and Research Organizations 
  • Media
  • Other Interested Organizations
The Changing Rx Payment Landscape: 5 Forces Creating an Outcomes-Based World
  Individual Registration Fee: $195. Audio Conference CD-ROM: $40 for attendees; $285 for non-attendees after the event.  
Register Now   Corporate Site licensing also available. Click here to register or call 209.577.4888 We look forward to your participation in this event!
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