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Targeting Populations for VBID: Improving Rx Adherence and Reducing Costs
VBID programs are emerging as a new benefit design focused on aligning patients' out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments and deductibles, with the value of health services. The model reduces barriers to high-value services such as preventive and chronic care therapies through lower costs to patients, while discouraging unproven, misused or low-benefit care through higher costs, ultimately improving health outcomes. Studies have shown that copayment reductions are often associated with improvements in medication adherence.

Recent Walgreens research provides new insight into how to successfully reach the sickest and most costly patients. A related Walgreens study examined medication adherence and the costs for generic diabetes and cholesterol medications resulting from participation in a zero copay VBID program that used the reduction in cost sharing to incentivize members to use more generic drugs and to enroll in a care management coaching program. The findings helped demonstrate that a value-based program can have a positive impact on adherence and cost outcomes among those who participate.

Please join Walgreens' Bobby Clark on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 1PM Eastern as he addresses these research findings, and implications for stakeholders seeking to improve patient medication adherence and reduce overall costs. Click here for detailed information and to register or call 209.577.4888.
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